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Cutefrenchtoast’s corner.

Ok, so you guys might have known i’m the new writer on here! So back on topic. Well, You should have gotten a message saying:

Have you missed any of our great offers in vollie holiday store and the stardoll and the city store? Now’s the last chance!
Both stores are closing on Monday Januaray 1oth so don’t miss out!

And then so that’s when the offers roll in. AND, a new free item on the mortal kiss tab!


1) First go to stardoll’s tab contests&events tab.

2) Scroll down ’till you see the mortal kiss tab.

3) It will take you to the mortal kiss page and then in the middle you’ll see this box with a rose in the middle.

4) Click on it and you’ll get your free gift which is a: Cheerleader statue!


Kay, so i know i haven’t been writing and posting on here lately, sorry!

Ok, so back on topic. I’ve been asking people to see if they can write on my blog, then I found my friend CUTEFRENCHTOAST who wanted to join the blog family :D! So this how the blogs are going to look like:

When cute posts it will say:

Cutefrenchtoast’s corner

When i post it will say:

Frenchhiss90990’s corner.

Kay so I’ll write soon! bye.


first go to : goproxing.com
paste in the stardoll link :
log onto stardoll
now paste in this link up on the proxy’s bar :
wait till the page loads and enter the competition
fill in the boxes with fake info, the boots will be in your suite

NO PROXY! Just log in, put that link in the URL bar, then when the pages loads, go back to sd. WIll be in yo suite(‘;

Free Pink Fingerless gloves
1)Go to Poland web proxy like
proxy.trash.pl/ OR ukryj.info/ OR zmien.info/ OR proxyhideout.com/
2)In the blank box of proxy site Paste stardoll link:
3)Click GO/Idz/OK (it’s up to proxy you use) OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies URL/Address link box Paste the contest link:
6)Click Go, Wait till page loads,
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Gloves should be in a giftbox in your suite


new hair 4 ss & more!

ok, so today, i was in the beauty parlor in stardoll, and then i noticed something, NEW HAIR FOR SUPERSTARS! So SS go check it out! And you should have gotten a new message in your stardoll inbox saying if your superstar, you can be crowned best party host! you can get a trophy and shiny stardollars! Can you make the  best party? Well that’s all i have for now, thanks for reading, for now, keep designing!


1) Poland web proxy:  ukryj.info/ OR proxyhideout.com/
2) Paste stardoll link: http://www.stardoll.com/
3) Click GO/Idz/OK OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4) Log in stardoll
5) Now Paste link: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=844
6) Click Go, Wait till page loads,
7) Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual

Top and apple should be in two giftboxes in your suite [:
Available till 12-27-10


copy and paste that link into the URL bar!!!!

it will take you to the starplaza and then your dressing room will show up.

NOTE: The face cleaner will not show up in the dressing room, but when you hit buy items, it will say face cleaner in the list you are buying free

You guys might have already known this but say congrats to Perilice26 for winning miss stardoll world! Visit her and say congratulations to her for winning!




is the link to get FREE BURLESQUE ITEAMS! like the the gold dress, and the black hat! NO PROXY NEEDED!

For all you non-superstars out there, GUESS WHAT?! I was on stardoll, and now, if your a non-superstar, with 500 STARPOINTS, you can buy stuff from superstar’s bazaars! YAY! So congratulations to you non-superstars who have 500 starpoints!


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